Maths Weeks April 2010

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Maths week

All staff and children embraced Maths week with great excitement.

The activities began in assembly on Monday morning when each child was given a ticket number between 1- 130 (no. of pupils in the school). We formed a human number line. We also played games such as ‘Stand up if you have an even number’ etc.

The children researched their number during the week and came up with five facts about that number. Each class completed different maths activities during the week. Mathematical activities were integrated into all subject areas during the week. The senior children also solved problems as a group and then took these problems home to challenge their parents! The children explored patterns in the school yard (using their mathematical eyes!)They also explored shadows and how their length changed at different times in the day.

Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Kemp attended a lecture given by ‘Dr. Maths’ and they passed on some of his observations to the children. The children learned about Sarah Flannery who won the Young Scientist of the Year 1999 for her work on cryptography. The week ended with the tickets going into a class raffle and the children had to solve a problem to identify the winning number.

Overall, a great week- Well Done Everybody!

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